When we brought our son to Maria Teresa’s Babies, we were all quite nervous.  Connor had been in a nanny-share until he was just over a year, and going to a daycare setting was going to be a very new experience.  We looked around for the right place for him, and settled on Maria Teresa’s because of the ‘homey feel’ we got when we visited.

Connor was extremely happy there.  The women who work at MTB are caring, wonderful ladies whose warmth is apparently from the minute you meet them.  His teachers and aides always greeted him with a heartfelt hug, and Connor fell in love with all of them.  The emphasis on healthy eating and the homemade food was extremely important to us, and Connor fell in love with mealtime a well. The kids got plenty of time outside, and their bodies grew strong along with their minds.  Connor took to Spanish immediately, and I have no doubt that as we head out West, he will continue to use it. My husband and I will always be grateful to MTB for the love and kindness they gave to Connor, and to the peace of mind we got as a result.