Our son attended Maria Teresa’s Babies daycare for three years since he was one year old. He got to love his daycare and caregivers very much. Throughout the three years at MTB the owners and caregivers were always very warm and friendly to our son and us. They would always provide us feedback if asked and report on various events. We liked MTB because of the location, organic and international snacks and lunches, the Spanish immersion, and the strong teaching program. We would get quarterly reports on how our son was doing at age specific skills, which was important for us to watch his development. Our son got to learn the alphabet, write his name, read simple words, count and add numbers. In addition, our son brought home many arts and crafts based on the stories of the week, children were even introduced to classic art by various renowned painters. MTB also organized several holiday events where children performed for their parents. Our son also got to play outside in the MTB backyard, which is entirely covered in turf which allowed children to play in almost all weather. We liked it because it provided a clean and safe environment to play in. In addition to the outside play area, children grew their own little garden every year and got to try their fruits and vegetables. MTB facility was always very clean and organized, these are the attributes that were certainly instilled in our son. There are many memories we will cherish due to MTB experience we and our son had. We would definitely recommend MTB to our friends.